EXCITEMENT!!!!! JUne 18th!!!! Me and Anthony Clark are starting up a new comic! It’s called BACK!!! It’s a western fantasy story about the end of the world. Anthony is on art duties and I’m writing it and helping design characters. I also did the little drawing on the top, but Anthony has got the rest covered.

We’ll be starting out with a bunch of pages then update once a week with two pages an update each Wednesday. Hopefully that will wet your whistle! June 18th!!! You can find the main site HERE or, if you are a fan of tumblr, follow the BACK Tumblr instead! All pages will update there as well.

lepistoletreruns asked:

Would you recommend changing up to Manga Studio 5 from 4? I use 4 and am pretty happy with it, I've heard conflicting things about upgrading...

Yes. 5 has some significant differences from 4 (being based on a completely different program), and when it was released it was missing some key features from 4, but over time and a few updates, almost all of those have been added back in. 5 is more robust and has far better brush customization. Even if you’ve mastered 4, 5 will take a little getting used to, but I can’t imagine going back now. 

seaknigge asked:

Manga Studio. Reg or EX? I've been using Photoshop all my professional life. Would I be better suited with EX?

The EX version does have a few features not included in the regular version (full list found here). For me, the big one is the ability to create Story Files, which is just a way to organize and collect a lot of separate pages (I make a big blank story file with hundreds of pages and use it as a digital sketchbook). 

All the drawing tools are present in the standard version. EX is useful if you’re working on multiple-page stories, but even then it’s not necessary (just very helpful). 




I know a lot of you haven’t tried Manga Studio, but it’s on sale on Amazon for $17.

Manga Studio 5 is like a mix of Painter, SAI, and Photoshop. It’s my favorite app to make art in and, at that price, there’s no reason not to try it too.

The brushes I…

Manga Studio is probably my favorite/most-used software of the last decade.