fshibs asked:

You know that comic when Reginald says he rather not have an opinion, cause that way nobody can disagree with him? That comic made me realize I'm a lot more like Reginald than I'd expected. Are you more like Reginald or Beartato?

I am actually most similar to a tertiary character from the alternate universe Beartato novels, Cool Danthony:

He just transferred here from a different school, but he’s very popular since on his first day he saved the team quarterback, Goku, from bullies. He’s very smart and good at sports and his eyes change color depending on his mood. 

(real answer: as much as I’d like to say Beartato, it’s Reginald. We all know it’s Reginald.)




Galaga is a comic based on the video game from the 80s that is written by me and drawn by Chris Hastings and Anthony Clark!  Today it posted comic #100 which happens to be THE VERY LAST GALAGA COMIC EVER.  So if you haven’t been reading, start here and keep clicking next until you are sated!


Thanks to everyone who has been reading along with this - it’s been lots of fun!  It was awesome to make comics with Anthony and Chris: it’s something I’d wanted to do for years.  Years!

You should read this fun comic

davidmeehan asked:

can anyone do draw a dog tuesday?

Of course… why would anyone not be allowed to draw dogs on Tuesdays? 

I should point out once more that I did not invent Draw a Dog Tuesdays and I don’t really know more about it than anyone else. I just started occasionally drawing dogs on Tuesdays because my friends Brian and K.C. did it and I like them and I like dogs and drawing.

taconightfrenzy asked:

Do you ever get tired of drawing Beartato comics? I would hope not, but you can be honest with me. I won't judge you that much. Just tiny judge.

Not yet! They’re still fun, whenever I can come up with an idea. Anyway, I mostly answered this one so I could post this “tiny judge:”