sokarera asked:

I was watching some of the older Cracked - After Hours stuff and I noticed your name came up both in credits and as an artist. Did you do that as commission-type deals or were you a paid staffer, or was there some third way I haven't thought of?

It’s just freelance work. I don’t do any of the writing or anything. I just draw what they ask me to draw and then they pay me. 

fshibs asked:

You know that comic when Reginald says he rather not have an opinion, cause that way nobody can disagree with him? That comic made me realize I'm a lot more like Reginald than I'd expected. Are you more like Reginald or Beartato?

I am actually most similar to a tertiary character from the alternate universe Beartato novels, Cool Danthony:

He just transferred here from a different school, but he’s very popular since on his first day he saved the team quarterback, Goku, from bullies. He’s very smart and good at sports and his eyes change color depending on his mood. 

(real answer: as much as I’d like to say Beartato, it’s Reginald. We all know it’s Reginald.)