skippy-braindamage asked:

Hey, I literally just registered on tumblr to ask you a question. Will davis ever appear in a comic hanging out/doing stuff/battling beartato and reginald? Props on everything, your sense of humor is amazing!

I don’t have anything planned but I suppose anything is possible. Maybe Davis can co-star in a Beartato comic which is really just a concealed spinoff for his own series, “Hotel Davis,” where Davis runs a hotel and every week he helps a celebrity guest solve a mystery. It will be critically acclaimed and win several awards for a few seasons, then it will settle into mediocrity for a while before eventually becoming just offensively bad. Meanwhile I, having become filthy rich off licensing deals (Davis bike handlebars, Davis-flavored toothpaste, etc.), will manage my money very poorly and end up with nothing but a closed Denny’s restaurant, which I will rename to Davis’s. I’ll invite my friends for a free meal, but all of them will be busy that day. It turns out, however, that they’re not busy; it’s just that hanging out with me makes them sad.

But like I said, I don’t have anything planned.

fiddlergreen asked:

One time I saw you post a picture of a ninja turtle holding a gun. It was basically one of the cutest/best things but now I can't find it and I guess what I'm asking is can you post it again because for some reason at this moment in time that picture is something I absolutely have to see again or else I guess I'll just kind of be a little disappointed and then go to sleep.