Manga Studio 5 Tip

Hello! Here is a little tip for Manga Studio 5 regarding one of my favorite features which isn’t immediately apparent. It has to do with vector layers and erasers.

First, create a vector layer by clicking the “New Vector Layer” at the bottom of the Layers palette: 


Now, the secret of this technique lies in your eraser. Select the eraser tool and choose the pen you’d like to use, then check out the settings. Under “Erase,” select the option “Erase up to Intersection.” 


Now, whenever you erase part of a line on the vector layer, it will erase the entire line up to the point where it intersects another line. 



This makes it much easier to clean up stray lines, so you can be looser in your inking and still end up with a fairly tidy end drawing. Have fun!


Atomic Robo Volume 9 AAAHHHHH!!!!


Anyone who cares about SPOILERS and hasn’t yet read the last issue of Atomic Robo Vol.8 SHOULD NOT go any further. Are we clear? Alright.

PS: Oh come ON! Get over your damn nerd OCD and peek below the break. I posted some boss new artwork.

Maybe …maybe just scroll through it quickly so you don’t accidentally read any words.

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One reason I’ve been so busy lately is that I recently starting coloring Atomic Robo. Scott’s artwork is a lot of fun to color (lots of great shapes in there). Check out the first panel in the last page in that preview! There’s so much action! Anyway, it’s fun, and there are robots and cowboys, so I hope you all check it out when it’s released.