Tonight on Twitter I pondered what Seinfeld would be like if it had aired in the internet era. Here were my ideas for easy reading:

  • Jerry breaks up with a woman because of her unflattering Twitter avatar
  •  ”Jerry, Kramer’s reblogging me and removing my original tags!” “C’mon George, it’s the internet! Information wants to be *free*!” 
  •  Uncle Leo doesn’t understand email, wants to know where the stamps print out 
  •  ”I tell ya, I’m in love with her, Jerry. And this time I’m almost sure she’s not a spambot.” 
  •  George’s parents friend him on Facebook 
  •  Better yet, George sends friend requests to his parents on Facebook, and they decline 
  •  Bania replies to all of Jerry’s tweets 
  •  The gang learn Kramer’s first name by looking him on Google 
  •  George writes a scathing review on Yelp and is banned from the coffee shop
  • The gang hold a contest to see who can go the longest without vanity-searching themselves 
  •  Elaine’s friends keep bugging her on Facebook: “When are you gonna “Like” the baby? You gotta “Like” the baby!” 
  •  Jerry and Elaine start an OkCupid profile for George as a joke, he ends up getting matched with Marisa Tomei
  •  Kramer doesn’t understand wifi. “So these emails are just flyin’ through my body? Oh I don’t like that.”
  •  George refuses to allow his friends to tag him in photos because “that’s how they getcha, Jerry!” 
  •  George registers a domain name because it was once owned by Jon Voight
  •  Kramer learns he can order everything he needs from Amazon, decides to never leave his apartment again
  •  The gang learns Kramer uses Bing instead of Google. When asked about it, he replies, “Google? What’s ‘Google?’ Frankly it sounds made up” 
  •  George pretends to be the guys in Missed Connections ads, hoping the women will fall for it 
  • Uncle Leo torrents movies and says it’s okay because all old people do it 
  •  George won’t tell anyone his wifi password (“Bosco”) 
  •  George gets into relationship with a frequent texter. He dumps her because he’s only willing to pay for the cheapest data plan 
  •  George decides not to date anymore since Siri is nicer to him than any woman has ever been 
  •  George accidentally forwards his new girlfriend an unflattering photo of his privates. “Do women know about JPG compression?!” 
  • The gang spends an entire episode waiting for a Chinese restaurant’s website to load 

Well goodnight

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