If you work in and are surrounded by comedy every second of every day, you can sort of become fatigued by it. A sketch will start and, a few seconds in, you’ll know exactly where it’s going, and then you miss out on all of the fun and funny that comes from being surprised. It happens to almost…

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    Things that will never not be funny to me: really stupid puns cats not being able to do things songs that seem upbeat...
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    Reblogged, because I can’t adhere to your character limit. My faves are those perfectly timed moments that segue from...
  6. c08designs answered: A comeback that’s the same as the insult.
  7. hutchinson529 answered: Talking to my leftovers “Oh hey there pasta, glad to see you made it through the night. Yeeaah lets get things heated. You’re lookin’ saucy”
  8. daitoshi answered: When someone trips on air, looks super surprised and looks around for whatever tripped them.
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  11. funtimedeluxe answered: Fake advertisements for Mountain Dew - “Dew Or Dew Not - There Is No Thirst”, “It’s a far far better thing that I Dew now”
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    i have tiny sunglasses from this my little pony toy i bought, ‘cause, y’know, i’m just that cool. next time i have a...
  13. conductressofcoats said: for me it’s insulting little insects with the crudest swear words, the smaller the fly the harsher the insult
  14. ieateverythingicook answered: dogs standing on hamburgers
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  16. rjwpshit answered: For me it’s people getting hit out of nowhere, with an object thrown from off screen without any warning.
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    “That truly was a star war.”
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    I have got to try the opera yawn one
  20. thegreatestcatsby answered: Animals dressed up as people, overly explaining the wrong punchline to a joke, puns. Nonstop puns.