guyswithglasses asked:

Have you ever considered using a site like Zazzle or CafePress where you upload your designs and they'll print your stuff on almost anything.

No, I’m in cahoots with TopatoCo and they work with printers who print designs on things and they are very good quality and I am very pleased

  1. lief-kut said: I bought a Beartato t-shirt off TopatoCo and it’s of the highest quality :3 Couldn’t be happier. Seriously, check their stuff out.
  2. nextu-you said: Do you have a relationship with Beaton, North, Hussie, or any other comic artists who work with TopatoCo?
  3. lurks-beneath said: i love topatoco so much. i also have a ‘guess i’ve got brain problems’ shirt coming to me. i want it here yesterday so i can wear it forever
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