21andahalfsteps-deactivated2013 asked:

I was wondering how you got your stuff to be so popular. You surely must have a lot of traffic to your blog and site. How did you manage to accomplish that? Did you pay for advertising or have already popular friends put out the word about you? Or did you just start doing whatever and watch the popularity grow on its own as people stumbled upon your work?

Aside from a brief dabble with Project Wonderful when it started, I haven’t ever paid for site advertising. I just drew the best comics I could and other people liked them and they told their friends about them. It took a really long time and I’m still only mildly popular. Hope this helps!

  1. peanutjellyandbutter said: I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who knows about Nedroid and doesn’t think it’s one of the best comics. I guess it’s the shaky update schedule that holds you back compared to other comics. Not as much material for the fans to advertise you with.