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I love you and all but no, not everybody has a creative mind and no matter how much or hard or strictly they practice,…

I didn’t say anything about creativity. I am speaking about the technical skill of drawing.

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    ah ha ha ha ha “No no no, you must have a creative mind! I was born special, not like those dumb jocks or worker...
  2. thecolossalennui said: Wait, if you’re not creative, why do you WANT to draw? Do you not have an idea you want to illustrate? Why art, then? Certainly you don’t get into it for the money
  3. merlincomics said: actually, I truly believe that if someone wants to accomplish something, then they can. It just takes work in varying degrees.
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    all i know is that every single time i’ve taken an art class, the majority of people start out barely being able to draw...
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    A question for identiffy: What value does it add to your life to believe this?
  6. fuckingfuckingfuckingfucker said: This is tru tho I took art classes all through high school and even tho I had talent before the classes I improved by miles after taking them but I still lacked the creativity necessary to pursue it further so I stopped taking them this year
  7. starwards said: people who be thinkin they special and talented to a point where nobody can touch them be all mad at the thought that practice could bring a regular shmuck up to their level~
  8. cipater said: Well you’re certainly not going to get anywhere with any of it if all you do is sit there and go “well I can’t.”
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    Exactly! Drawing/painting is just the language used. Saying that only people with creative minds can learn to be any...
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    And even if we were say that creativity or technical skill are things which people can’t learn if they don’t have it...
  11. ex-terminill said: to quote horse_ebooks, “We all have some limiting beliefs”
  12. tabloo said: i think it’s a lot like learning to play an instrument. everyone’s instrument is different, but you can learn to play it well with practice
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    it’s kind of shitty that people have such a narrow view of artistic ability to the point where they’ve created a set of...